Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
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2003-04-06 03:07:35 (UTC)

great day

hey... wow what a good day. I had to work at the Fair
today and Amber, Suzy and myself met this really cute guy
that is wicked sweet and funny. Yeah and he asked for my
number. Yeah me not Suzy or Amber but me!!!!!!!!!!! yeah I
was like completely shocked and my face turned bright red.
I looked like a tomato. I'm glad I didn't have to dress up
like a crash dumby, other wise I would have met this guy.
yeah the funny part was he asked for my number and then
Amber was like I see how it is and he was like I guess you
can give me your number too if you want and I guess I can
give you my number. I thought it was great, she couldn't
take the fact that someone liked me and not her!!!!!!!!!

Last night was so much funn. Me, Melissa, Kim and Amber all
got hit on by the same guy and asked if we had a boyfirend.
and yeah it was funny. then this other guy Melissa was
dancing with got up on stage and danced and took off his
shirt and later that night he had mad chics following him
and Amber was like yeah dont forget to pay your child
support next month. Your baby has been crying to see his
dad so much and if you don't come visit your child and pay
your child support then I'm getting the courts on your ass.
This guy waks throught the VIP Lounge later and goes yeah I
won't forget to pay my child support. when we were leaving
he was like I can't wait to see my baby and I will def pay
my child support next month. yeah it was great. I had so
much funn dancing last. I wish i could do it all again
yeah well later