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2003-04-06 00:51:37 (UTC)

Felassin (story)

Worth continuing?

I wrote this in the doctor's office a couple days ago... I
want to know if it is worth finishing...

Cerani crouched silently, waiting for the sounds that would
betray movement. Sweat, full of fear, trickled down her
back. Now is no time for fear, she thought to
herself.Either I die here or I don't, and so help me if I
die without a fight! She heard a movement in the brush
behind her, and knew her hunter was nearing. He was
carefully coming up behind her, perfectly confident that
she did not know where he was. At the very last moment when
he lunged forward with his knife, she moved. She moved with
much more agility and grace than he thought she could, as
was evident when her knife found a new home in his throat.

Felassin, Cerani thought, with a shudder as she checked the
body. Do they think me that much of a threat, to send the
most expensive professional killers out looking for me?
Felassins. The true abominations... taking children, giving
them feline attributes and raising them to be the perfect
killing machines... THis felassin was not one she had seen
before. Cerani was a little surprised.

*You shouldn't be so surprised, Cerani.* Cerani looked
around for the source of the sound. She had killed the
felassin, and had been sure that no one else was near, in
the little patch of clearing that she was camping in. *You
aren't imagining things, m'dear-- just because they have
cast you out doesn't mean everyone has.* Cerani looked
around for the voice. *I would have figured you would want
to see me* the voice said with a tired sigh. Gracefully, a
cat leaped down from a branch in the tree above her head.

"Wha-What are you?" Cerani blurted out, startles by the
appearance of a talking cat. She wasn't used to seeing
talking cats everywhere she looked. The silvery feline
looked at Cerani with green eyes that were decidedly

*The magic to make the felassins had to come from
somewhere, didn't it, child? We gave the secret to your
greatgrandfather many winters ago. We don't particulalry
like how our handiwork was corrupted.*

Cerani was awestruck. "I never knew how the felassins were
made! I never even knew there were more than the 6 in my
personal guard!"

*Rest assured there are plenty,* the smooth tenor of the
cat's mental voice continued, *they were not intended for
the purposes so set forth by this lad, "Lassa" he calls

So Lasa did get the throne after all, Cerani mused. "Was he
the one that had Rendan killed?" Cerani fought to keep her
voice steady, to keep her voice from betraying her emotion.

*You don't have to talk out loud, you know,* the cat said,
*I can read your thoughts just fine. * Cerani started in
astonishment, but the cat continued to speak. *Yes, Lassa
was the one who had Rendan killed, and took the kingdom,
convincing the people that you had killed him. That is not
the matter at hand, and if it had simply been murder for
politics, we would not have entered into this struggle.*

Cerani gaped in astonishment. First he tells me he is
reading my mind, then that the politics of the kingdom and
my marriage don't matter? I [i]loved Rendan.[/i] Cerani was
getting very upset.

*I didn't mean your politics and love don't matter, but
they shouldn't affect but a small portion of the world. The
problem is far greater than you could imagine. By using the
felessin as his personal warriors, Lassa is taking land,
conquering neighboring countries, and making his rule of
the people one of absolute fear.*

That's as far as I got... Please tell me how I can make
this better and if it is worth continuing...