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2003-04-05 21:41:50 (UTC)


Okay, well, here goes. I was taking a bath this morning when whammo!
another internal wake up call. I
realize now that all this must seem extremely disrespectful
to the old man. I say the old man outta respect (old
family term). I don't want him to feel like that. I have
alot of respect for him. I feel extremely upset that he
may be going around thinking I don't. I wish I could
communicate my sincerest feelings of regret in causing him
any sense of disrespectfulness or upset. I don't know how
to make it right now. If this relationship is permanent I
cannot permit a thorn of contention between us, but even if
its not...this man has shown me hospitality and
thoughtfulness. I owe him the respect if nothing else.
Please God, let him know that I do respect him and that I
CARE about how he feels. Help. I'm panicking. I don't
want ANYONE feeling that I don't care...that I could be
that selfish as to not consider his feelings or beliefs or
whatever else (and even if I have already proven myself selfish
enough to overlook such an offense...forgive me). Come quickly to my
aid Jesus. I am not sufficient. But you are.

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