REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-04-05 19:46:16 (UTC)

Sh*tty day out

its so nasty out there. I didnt even go outside but im
watchin the Mets game and it looks really cold, and people
tell me its freezing. and on top of that its all wet so
yeah that suxs really bad i think lol. I have nothin to do
tonight. I dont feel like goin to the movies or someones
house or w/e i dunno what i feel like doing!!! o-well its
all good in the hood. I finished my lab! its so groovey! i
better get an A on it cause its really good. i worked
really hard to.

my brother was like lemme go on the computer i was like
no! and hes like why im lie cause im doin homework. and
hes like no ur not your drawing on paint (i made my
illustrations on paint) i was like yeah ok raheel (my bros
name) im drawin a picture of an egg in a jar for fun...
-it doesnt seem funny but it was funny at the time lol-

hey guys guess what!!! the Mets are winning 3 zip versus
the expos...top of the 5th Mets are in the field Glavine
pitchin a great game...Roberto Alomar doin great this
game!! AS USUAL (i love alomar:-D)

Im in a mood for eating some sphagetti. No ones home, well
only my dad...but since my dad works all night he sleeps
all day (only on weekends) so he should be wakin up at
like 3 or so..but then my oldest brother (he got a full
time job to) is sleepin and if he wakes up b4 4 itll be a
miracle lol he stays out all night with his friends cause
he works all day! my mom disapeeared..lol when i woke up
she wants hear, and my middle brother is at work and the
youngest brother is visitin the killinders. the killinders
are awsome! matt and tom!! haha there great, cant wait to
see them

i cant wait to go to great adventure!! go on superman the
ultimate flight!! AHH I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dude im so
hyped first row baby! first row! hahahahha...ok

Im goin to the subway series...its commin up
soon..actually its not to soon cause its like in june..or
may im not sure i forgot but lol i cant wait!

i woke up really late today! like 1:15 i think..cause iw
as up allllllll night wokring on my lab, cause im a b*tch
wit no life that stays home on friday nights doin homework.

has anyone ever gotton those thingys on the side of your
mouth...it like hurts whenever i yawn! it sucks! lol it
hurts..i dunno wat it is its like a cut that jus magcally
came there.

LOL the expos uniforms invludes this blue turtleneack that
has a hood attatched and its soo funny they have there
hoods pulled over there hheads, and they have this extra
thingto go over there mouth they look like such
losers..well technically they are...since the mets are
beatin the bejesus outta them!
o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o babeeeeeeeeeee!

update! cliff floed hit a double...

ok well lets see no one good is online and i have no one
to talk to and it sucks monkeys cause im lonley and yeah.



...........no idea

i dont know what to talk about

you know what i hate!?!?!?!??!?!
when your walkin outside wit your friend or maybe even by
yourself some guys honk or w/e? thats fine but i HATE it
when the old guys do it..its soo sick lol its kinda scary

well i dont know what to talk about so im gonna go..i was
bored and since theres no one i talk to online i decided
to write in this thingamabober!
*my heart and soul*...ThE mEtS!

w00t w00t!

-love the biggest MetS fAn eVeR!