skankin jesse

what a world
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2003-04-05 19:15:44 (UTC)

I wanna be.......

Well yesterday was a very cool and weird day. I went to
school and it felt so good to see everyone, i missed them
all. Then it just went down like every other day. But
during 4th period this girl Rio said that she still likes
me but oh well she had her chance. Then during th period i
layed down on the football field and just looked up at the
sky and thought of things. Then after school i went to
pioneer and hung out there and waited for titanette review
to start. Then When it did start it was so awesome. The
dances were unbelieveable. Then during the show one of my
ex's bre who was the 1st love of my life kissed me. I was
so shocked. Then after the show my friend david and krystal
and I went to davids house and we ordered pizza and watched
the movie formula 51 which i thought was really cool. Then
i got home around 2 a.m and i stayed up untill like 3:30
wondering if that kiss that bre gave me meant anything?
Does she still like me or stuff like that. I dont know
girls are so weird.

Songs of the day: "Glycerine" by Bush
Question of the day: Did that kiss mean anything?????????