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2003-04-05 17:59:32 (UTC)

comic relief

He always has a way of making me laugh at my fears and
insecurities. While I suppose in some cases it could be a
form of denial it isn't here. I am not a shirker of
responsibilities, pressures or duties. In fact the
opposite is more true of me. I have more of a tendency to
take all things upon myself. For some reason he makes it
easier for me to be realistic. I have always gotten lost
following the rabbit trails of my own emotions and
thoughts. And its not that I don't have my thoughts. I am
still me...in fact I'm more me. I am free to be me. I
can't explain it enough to do it justice. I just hope he
feels free to be himself...totally and completely...no
matter how crazy it seems or feels or sounds.

See, the fact remains. I was NOT looking for
someone/anyone. I wasn't seeking him. But God had it all
planned. Its amazing. Its complicated and its simple. It
is a beautiful thing.