The void
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2003-04-05 17:35:39 (UTC)

sigge sigge ma ma ma laaaAAaaAA

i have no idea what the title of this entry is meant to
mean. just something that popped into my head!
i got up about two hours ago..(about 2:30) lazy biatch i am!
i watched the home and away omnibus and cried my eyes out
to it! hahaha i'm oh so sad!
looking forward to tonight for some reason.chinease take
away or fish and chips depending on what i fancy at the
time, charmed of the telly and a cold bottle of beer. then
after that, the internet until about 12:30am.
i'm listening to placebo..."just a peeeppiinggg tooommm" la
la la
my arm is incredibly itchy and so is the side of my face!
it's doing my head in! ::goes mental::
ooohh i'm wearing a ...wait for it....WHITE top!not very me
i know!well, what do you expect? the scortching hot sun is
out and theres me walking around in baggy, black, criminal
damage jeans and a black long sleved top! i think not!
anyway. i don't know what to do with myself now. my eyes
are hurting so i may go offline soon.i could paint my
nails, clean the wabbit out,do some drawing,could do my CV!
yeah!! i'll do my CV! my dad went into a shop
called 'stepping stones' yesterday, it's a new age shop,
and he asked if they want any part time staff. so they said
get me to do a CV and bring it in to them on monday! i
could be working in a new age shop! how cool is that!
i just layed int some freak in the chat room because they
slagged maz off. go me go me. i actually scared myself!i
believe my words went something like this....:
"Why don't you go and fuck yourself in a dark room to the
sound of britney spears with a good old fashioned KNIFE"
i told everyone to put it on ignore and it soon went a bad smell it was.
ah well some people ::rolls eyes::

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