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2003-04-05 17:16:27 (UTC)


EEEEEEEK!!! Tonight's Prom!!! I spent last night
decorating 3 of the 4 buses that we're taking w/ the rest
of the Bus Committee. Me and Margaret put streamers in all
3 buses in the dark. They look pretty good though. This
morning I dragged my ass outta bed at 8:00 to get a shower
before decorating the last bus and put balloons in all 4.
Dear God it was raining sooooo bad this morning. We had to
do everything in the rain. I hate rain. Now my hair's all
pouffy and curly and my pj pants are soaked. At least now
all I have to worry about is getting ready by 4:00 which
shouldn't be a problem. I called Adam last night and
talked for a while. His younger sister thinks that I'm his
gf--OH NO. I like Adam, but I don't think we'd do well
dating. If he wants to give it a try I won't stop him. Gee
I hope my finger stops bleeding soon. Ugh my hair's all
soft now. I don't wanna take another shower cuz I did
already and I still feel semi-clean and I don't smell

Today seems to be going by slow. REALLY slow. Oh well. As
soon as Margaret calls me I'm gonna bring all my stuff to
her room so we can get ready. We might watch a movie. I
really hope tonight goes well.