Love is an Addiction
2003-04-05 16:34:01 (UTC)

Is He Being For real

Dear Diary,

last night at around 8:00 I was on the internet talkin 2
jonathon and his friend was over there and his friend
wanted 2 know what I looked like and he told him I was
short with big titties but ne ways thas Bside my point and
then he showed his friend my picture its me topless hehe
and well...here let me just paste the conversation here:
tasty316: i see u
tasty316: i mean we see u
SweetnSexc010307: shut ^
SweetnSexc010307: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
SweetnSexc010307: jonathon!
tasty316: he said u got bit tits
SweetnSexc010307: do not
tasty316: and i should go wit u
SweetnSexc010307: its all your imagination
tasty316: i might listen to him
SweetnSexc010307: i wish
tasty316: i'm serious
SweetnSexc010307: well are u gonna listen 2 him or R u not
SweetnSexc010307: and how do I know its u and not him
SweetnSexc010307: typin this
tasty316: i'll think about it
tasty316: tell u later
SweetnSexc010307: what were u tellin a story about last
tasty316: this is tj the pimpanator
tasty316: whats crackuin
SweetnSexc010307: the pimpanator
tasty316: jon left the room
SweetnSexc010307: hehe thats funny
tasty316: whats up wit ya
tasty316: i saw ur pic
SweetnSexc010307: nothin whats up wit chu
tasty316: all i got to say is damnnnnnnnnnn
SweetnSexc010307: i don't know I guess thanx
SweetnSexc010307: but I don't have big boobs
tasty316: yes u do
SweetnSexc010307: do not
tasty316: call me later
tasty316 signed off at 8:11:14 PM.
yea so jonathon might go with me AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I am
so happy all thats left is to find out if hes foreel not
gonna bum rush him on this one just gonna let him think
about it even though I am 2 2 anxcious 2 know!I hope that
me and jonathon get bac 2 gether cross your fingers for
good luck!!!!!