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Somewhat Pathetic Life
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2003-04-05 15:27:27 (UTC)

Home Alone

Yep, i'm all alone... at home. My family's out of town.
They'll be back in a coupla days. On Monday, to be exact.
Por que? Me? Scared to death of being all alone, at home?
Oh, pl-eeasseee... I'm eer.. going to be 20 and i'm an
INDEPENDANT WOMAN!! Yay, me! Right... So anyway, i guess
i'm kinda excited being alone but yet i feel a little
(only a teensy bit) afraid i guess? I duno? What if
there's power failure?? I don't freaking know what to do!
Omigosh, i'm going to FREAK OUT. *Oh GOD please let me
survive the rest of my solitude life with electricity...*

Our presentation's on Monday. And, actually we haven't
really got anything prepared. We'er going to DIE. But,
still living... in flesh atm. Recorded our own tvc and
radio commercial for our product the whole day. It was
pretty hilarious and stupid. The radio commercial was made-
up at the last minute. It was real silly. I kept laughing
cause Heidi was really silly. I cant stand looking at her,
brushing her teeth in front of the (pc) mic. My goodness.
Yes, our product has something to do with oral care
products... Toothpaste! For those who've guessed it
correctly, get someone to slap your butt... Real hard.

Right... Whatever. You know, i was feeling like, kinda, a
little depressed earlier. Maybe it's not depression.
Just... sad. I know nobody cares. That's why i'm telling
you all these, my dear diary... Hmm... Maybe i should
start each entry with 'Dear Diary".... Right... That's so
freaking lame-ass. Whatever.............