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today is the greatest day
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2003-04-05 15:16:08 (UTC)

Emma and Chris engagement party

Well tonight I went to my sister's engagement party. It
started off being really boring..me and my brother were
pissed off.. but by the end I really started to enjoy
myself. There was a lot of alcoholic stuff there.. i had a
bit of wine and beer.. I am feeling quite sharpened at the
moment.. trying to type very carefully.. focus Michael...
focus! Me and my brother shared some XXXX's.. it was great
me and Nathan sitting round havin a good ol' time laughin
it up. Nath's a top bloke.. i also had a real good talk to
Chris's borther Ronny, he's a champ.. some kids were
outside the party asking me if I could get them some
drinks.. i gave them a sixer.. and then later on my uncle
gave me a sixer to take home.. me and nath will share it
later this week and hav another good ol' talk. Hmm I went
to work this morning and sorted my pay out.. that was
good... Umm yeah and the broncos won the footy tonight they
beat the cowboys 24 to 32.. a good game... Yeah I love
Footy I was talking to Ronny about how much we both used to
want to be professional rugby league players. he's a good
bloke.. it's kinda mind blowing to think that we're gonna
be related though.. well anyways; it's getting harder for
me to type and I have to play at church in the morning
though so I'll finish up now.. bye!