2003-04-05 06:41:28 (UTC)

A long overdue entry...

I am finally getting an opportunity to write into my diary
again... it's been so long since I was online. I haven't
had a computer for almost a year now and am "suffering the
withdrawl" in my online social life at least. I really miss
talking to Alex especially - that sexy little New York angel
is so fucking funny sometimes. I still have a copy of the
Lain series I meant to send down to her for xmas a long time
ago but still haven't gotten around to it - I'm such a
fucking slacker. I am usually just my peace loving chill
and be around friends self, but fuck I have a hard time
getting certain things done. It's been over four years
since I wrote to Aleksandra in Poland and yet I wonder how
she is doing all the time. I'm on glue or something, fuck I
can suck.

Anyway, I hope everyone reading this that I talk to at all
remembers who I am and stuff. I don't mean to be so
anti-social. I love your friendships very much, so get in
touch somehow if ya can.