forever changing
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2003-04-05 06:03:36 (UTC)

what the hell????

i am not quite sure why but i just wrote matt an e-mail and
it went like this:
hey matt
hello, well i want to ask you something but im not really
sure how to ask you so i guess all i can do is ask strait
out and so well here it goes . . . when we were going out
did you really love me? i just want to know because i
really love you and i want to know if my feelings were
returned or not. i know that this may seem like a silly
question but to be perfectly honest with you i am having a
hard time trying to get over you and so . . . i don't know
i was just wanting to know and i don't really know what
else to say because i have pretty much just made a complete
ass of myself and i don't know if i should have told you
that or not but oh well, life goes on . . . it always does.
now i am completely shaking cause i don't hink i should
have sent that to him hmmmm well i don't know what to do. i
think i am starting to get over him a little but then again
i did just send him that e-mail so you never know for sure.
what the hell is wrong with me?????????????????????????????
grrr ok well i am fine now i swear i am.
ashley took the pregnancy test today and it was negative
but i still think that she should go to the clinic and have
one done just in case.
work officially sucks!! i am schedualed every day from
today to wednesday (today is friday) but i can't work tues
day so kristen is taking that shift for me because i
covered one of her shifts this week then she flaked on the
shift she was supposed to cover for me. so basically i am
goin to be busy as all hell untill thursday and i have an
essay due in eng on wed that is goin to be so much fun to
try to squeeze in.
i discovered today that dan only lives about a half a mile
from me if you go through the back gate of lww (the place i
live) and so sometime when i am bored i am goin to have to
call him and make him meet me half way. hehehe that would
be fun ***grins deviously***
ok well i think i am goin to go now and i will talk more
later so bye bye.