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2003-04-05 05:56:25 (UTC)

Nameless poetry 1

*If I were to light a candle
for every reason I love you,
the brightness and warmth
would fill a room,
the way thoughts of you
fill my world..

*There would be candles
for your eyes
as they sparkle with delight,
and another for each
of your interests
and the pleasure I get
as you share them with me.
There'd be candles
for the way you talk,
the way you look,
and the way I feel
when I'm with you...

*If I were to light a candle
for every reason I love you,
there would be more
than you could count,
and the light they'd give
would be lovelier
than anything I know.

*I love you.

this is for you:

I took a trip through cyber space, ...

and found a kindred spirit; ...

She told me of her life and times, ...

Of courage without limit

My heart was touched, my soul enlarged ...

with thoughts and admiration;

Her brightness shone, like stars above; ...

my mind filled with adulation;

So, K. my dear, ...

one thought is clear; ...

as our spirits mix together:

Were it not for chance and happenstance, ...

we might have missed forever...

But, happily, you came along, ...

within my spirits reach!

And now we commune, ...

in time and space;

Forever affecting each.....