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2003-04-05 05:42:31 (UTC)

Thank you - Poetry

*Maybe it was a prayer you sent up for me when I was
feeling life's storms. Maybe it was the way you gave me a
hug when I needed one so bad. Or maybe it was just being
here to listen when I was needing to talk.

*Maybe it was the way you told me not to give up and then
encouraged me to just trust God to handle it all. Maybe it
was just knowing you were close by if I needed a friend and
that I could depend on you. Then again, maybe it was you
being here when everyone else seemed to be turning away.

*Maybe it was the kind words you spoke to me when someone
else had said something hurtful. Maybe it was the way you
smiled and were able to put that smile in my heart and
share with me a little of your own happiness. Maybe it was
the wonderful way that you made me feel like someone

*Maybe it was the way that you always pointed me towards
Jesus and taught me not to look at the things happening
around me but to just keep my eyes focused totally on Him.
And then maybe.... just maybe... it was just for you being

*There may be too many things to be able to list them all
here... but whatever part you played in making my day

*Just a little happier,

*Just a little easier,

*Just a little more hopeful ...


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