insane inside 2
2003-04-05 05:10:02 (UTC)

the past few days

whell in the past few days iv been sick,trippin on CcC!!
had tonyas broken heart with me 247 & developed a new

first of when tonya was over last weekend she got me
really sic n lately iv been sooo tired!!!then last wed.we
went to a cvs n got 3 boxes of CcC but gave 1 awat then me
n tonya took 10 each n tripped are balls off sooo bad!
then that night chris called n broke up with her but she
didnt cvare cuz of the CcC by the next day when i got home
from skool (half day)and she was ballin her eyes out cuz
that stupid fuck went back to his baby mama....later that
day we went up to the jh n seen some of r old teachers n
then got kicked out by some we went back to my
house then travis,bizzo,noone,n amanda(GAY)came over n we
all piled up in to travises small ass car!and looked for
weed every where n then we went to the mall then i called
joey n we got a 20 from him n so we went to travises new
house (his bros) n blazed it was sweet then he saw tonya
steel bizzos reds n wigged n i duno if hes still mad at me
i hope hes not!!and travis is my new crush hes sooo cute
but he likes brians gurl friend emy n brian is in love
with this gurl so if she goes with travis im beatin her
ass!!!!!! and thats about the just of it soo im out peace