Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
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2003-04-05 01:55:51 (UTC)

fuck this

Life is so hard; it's the end of the day.
All I want to do is smoke this misery away.
Do you think that they could stop yelling for once, and
pretend that you're smart.
Stop trying to figure me out and pretend you have a heart.
I can feel how this is killing me inside.
It hurts when I breathe, I shouldn’t try.
This poem means nothing, no one will read it.
This is a bad way of venting when my mind doesn’t seem to
No one seems to get, how unhappy I am.
No one sees that the shits hit the fan.
This poem is stupid, it means nothing to me.
I don’t even know the emotions right now in my mind, I
can't seem to see.

this is a stupid poem is'nt it??? i'm not going to bother
subbmitting it.