REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-04-05 01:24:15 (UTC)

first game

dude we beat the bajesus outta thompson!!!!! 16-6 haha now
wha!! danielle and ashley and jenna and sarah and janna
and angie and some more people had a great game. and you
didnt play, nun of the new kids played except for kara who
pitched the whole game ll, and jess fury and sarah
rotondella. jess fury came in when ashley got hurt though
so... well it was really cold lol. and our manager sherrys
mom bought us hot choclate and yes i drank it wit joy! it
was good. THNX SHERRY...anyway moving on i wanna get
something clear through all you peoples heads

VashStampedeWH: so I heard the mets SUCKED in the first
opening game
LgMets4e531: yeah uh go kil yerself, they just had a bad
opening game
VashStampedeWH: heh
VashStampedeWH: just kidding anyways
LgMets4e531: ok...
VashStampedeWH: i dont watch baseball
VashStampedeWH: but they did suck
VashStampedeWH: and they will in the future
LgMets4e531: flUck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will
hurt you so bad...

you lil fags give me any comment on the Mets in a bad way
i wanna see how fLucked up your face will look after im
done wit you. i just about had it. dont tell me you like
the fLucken yankees cause derek jeters on it or because
THEY WON SO MANY WORLD SERIIES cause thats crap. gimme a
real reason. i dont want to hear any of your crap. i got
nothin against the yankees but i hate them only because
people that dont know ShIz about what the hell is going on
is commin up to me tellin me the mets suck, so now your
useless facts before you become a wise asX commin up to me
sayin crap. now wtf your talkin about psychoz...jus lettin
you know its only the beginning od the season and im
already pissed at the wannabe yankee fans. Ju so happens
that the METS were national league champions for sever
years so kill yerself dirtbags...
-ok im done with that

Take my test for aim...oh yeah guys guess what!!! im
passing social studies!!! w00t w00t!!! im so happy bout
ok well im out for the night
*nD tHe MetS ArE aT iT aGaIn. WaY tA rIp iT bOyZzZ!!!*