Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2003-04-05 01:19:04 (UTC)

Spring Arrives

Last week came along with the first day of spring... I
think. I've started my on garden this year as well. I'm
growing banana trees, coconut trees, grapefruit, lemons,
mellons and lots of flowers. Haha I'm NOT GAY!! So don't
even go there man. My dad go me into growing plants.
So far, a few of my plants have come up, I wish I
could find a pine sapling. I love pine trees. But I wish I
had some Japanese cherry blossom trees! Ever since I
stopped fighting, I feel like the world has challenged me
to a fight to the death. It sure is an odd feeling though.
Somehow I think I can over come it though. Well,too bad I
can't make this one longer..... or did I promise to make
this one longer in my last entry.....? hmmm..... aha! Idea!

There! It's longer! Well, before I go, I'll say my own fav
quote :: Try not to cry..... just keep smiling::