The void
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2003-04-04 22:40:29 (UTC)

Randon shit part 2

woooooooooooooooooooooooo drunkness!skye and evil noodle
had a hour long conversation about penguins evil chickens
and namtab and throbin (batman and robin) hahaha i was
laughing sooo much i almost wet myself!
i drunk two bottles of VHF and a huuuggeeee bottle of san
miguel!::BURP::! today today today! i walked into
sociology...saw the mad scientist supply teacher...said
hello and walked out and didn't go back!hehehe! oh how i
love college!then i went to philosophy and actually
understood hat was going on.
joe got drunk again and we had a funny journey home. then
skye came round and we ate pizza,choccy cake and drunk lots
of beer!yaaaay!
i got a luverly bunch of they r a standin
in a row! dum dum dum...
spike went into one of his 'i'm oh so fucking depressed'
modes and pissed skye right off, so she called him an
attention seeker and a liar and he went off in a huff!
haaaaahaaahaaaa!! serves him right!o skye go skye ra ra ra!
i really enjoyed and skye had a really good
night, we have to do this again next week or every two
weeks or something.she bought one of those god damn
stepping things, the fitness things today. it was so
fucking heavy and she couldn't get it off the ground to i
had to carry it up TWO FLIGHTS OF STAIRS!and back down
again and all the way up welling high street!see? i'm such
a nice person! (didn't really have a choice!)well tired
now. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
big ones small one some as big as your head!