Nick's Journal
2003-04-04 22:28:16 (UTC)

Take it or Leave it

DOL = 2, .5067, p = 19,000/1 -
so i'm reading the school newspaper today, and as usual
i'm disgusted by it. on the front are our new "officers"
that have bene elected to the student government
association. all are business majors, one is in a frat,
on is in a sorority, one is a brain dead, wet-paper bag
personality bitch, and the other is the overly ambitious
foreigner. i don't know who pisses me off the msot. the
overly ambitious foreigner really tugs onm y nutsack, i
hate the whole Horatio Algier "i came from a 5th world
country but now i'm getting somewhere" (read: "buying" nto
capitalism) foreign student. and why the fuck are their
last names always Patel? what are they from west virginia
or soemthing?
then you have the sorority girl, here's a quote, "being in
a sorority has introduced me to various cultures and
enhanced my communcation skills." introduced to various
cultures? if she means the mexcian waiter she and her
sisters don't tip on thursday nights then she's right.
and enhanced communication skills? what the fuck is that?
is she a fucking android? now presenting clueless,
sheltered sorority slut, version 2.0!! beautiful.
i won't even comment on the other chick as she just seems
to be a cardboard cut out of a manifestation of all of
society's principles, namely : "smart", good looking, and
without an identity. her "policies" are proactive
organizational involvement of student life. aside from
not understanding what the fuck that means, i'd interpret
it such that we'll all be wearing hitler youth uniforms in
3 months.
then of course you have the frat brother president.
exactly the resume padding bullshit spewing dipshit that
would run for this insignificant spot in the first
place. "i'm like totaly concernd with politics and
stuf 'Alpha Chi Rules, whaat's up bros!!!!' i want to help
others." beautiful.
essentially these four pathetic "politicians" are just a
microscopic view of the idiosyncratic inclinations
inducing idiots to run for offices. oh well. maybe i'm
just jealous of their ambition, or maybe they just need to
not be such fake faggots fumbling feverishly for fame.