listen to my silences
2003-04-04 17:34:58 (UTC)

linkin park

linkin park plays here in evansville tonight. idiot that i
am i didn't look at their schedule, so i didn't get
tickets. even if i got them today (it's not sold out yet),
i have to work. i had to call in monday cause of having
the seizure, so i can't exactly not go again.

what do i have but negativity
cause i can't justify the
way everyone is looking at me

when i pretend
everything is how i want it to be
i look exctly like what you had always
wanted to see
when i pretend
i can forget about the criminal i am
stealing second after second just cause
i know i can but
i can't pretend this is the way
it will stay i'm just
trying to bend the truth
i can't pretend i'm who you want me to be
so i'm

lying my way from you

i wanna be pushed aside
so let me go
let me take back my life
i'd rather be on my own
anywhere on my own
cause i can see
the very worst part of you
is me

i remember what they taught to me
remember condescending talk
of who i ought to be
remember listening to all of that
and this again
so i pretended up a person who was fitting in
and now you think this person
really is me and i'm
trying to bend the truth
but the more i push
the more i'm pulling away
cause i'm

lying my way from you

this isn't what i wanted to be
i never thought that what i said
would have you running from me
like this

the very worst part of you
the very worst part of you
is me

peep the style and the kids checking for it
the number one question is
how could you ignore it
we drop right back in the cut
over basement tracks
with raps that got you backing this up like
rewind that
we're just rolling with the rhythm
rise from the ashes of stylistic division
with these non-stop lyrics of life living
not to be forgotten
but still unforgiven
but in the meantime there are those who wanna
talk this and that so i suppose
it gets to a point feelings got get hurt
and get dirty with the people spreading the dirt
it goes

try to give you warning
but everyone ignores me
told you everything loud and clear
but nobody's listening
call to you so clearly
but you don't want to hear me
told you everything loud and clear
but nobody's listening

i got a
heart full of pain head full of stress
handful of anger held in my chest
and everything left is a waste of time
i hate my rhymes
but hate everyone else's more
i'm riding on the back of this pressure
guessing that it's better
i can't keep myself together
because all of this stress
gave me somethings to write on
the pain gave me something
i could set my sights on
you never forget the blood sweat and tears
the uphill struggle over years
the fear and trash talking
and the people it was to
and the people that started it
just like you

i got a
heart full of pain head full of stress
handful of anger held in my chest
uphill struggle blood sweat and tears
nothing to gain everything to fear

coming at you

now i see that i
took what i hated and made it a part of me

*i know i'll never trust a single thing you say
you knew your lies would divide us but you lied anyway
and all the lies have got you floating up above us all
but what goes up has got to fall*

final thought: if they only knew...