My Little World
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2003-04-04 16:28:58 (UTC)

All's Fair in Love........

Hey all....i am sitting here in my study hall doing nothing
at all!! it is friday and i am sooo happy!!!! I have to
go driving for an hour tonight then if the weather is good,
i will get to see allen! But if not i will get to see him
tomorow and then Sunday!!! yeah! i am really happy about
that! anyways....school is sooo boring! i cant wait til
this year is over so i can start my homeschooling!!
ahhhhhh that is going to be sooo nice!! not having to go
to school for 6 hours! i dont have to start school until
the 1 of septmeber...and the i will be done around the 20th
of May! hahaha!!! yeah, i cant wait for that!!! Man, i
was reading back through some of my entries and they were
really long some of them!! i must have had a lot on my
mind!!! well, i gatta go!! i'll write again later!! Bye
all! ~Dani