Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-04-04 13:38:40 (UTC)

This Friday: Cam's house, Oranjeboom Beer and DW Griffith.

Today I watched a 3 hour silent film "Birth Of a Nation" by
DW Griffith. it was made in 1915... Hmm it was good but it
was boring.. if you know what I mean. It's so racist
though... the whole film is actually a pro Ku Klux Klan
thing.. really insane... The reason why I forced myself to
watch it though is that it's a very famous landmark film
and I know that if I ever wanna be a film critic I'm gonna
have to watch it at some stage.. so I did. I went over
Cam's house tonight Cayte and her cousin Emma-Lee were
there.. Cayte is so cool. They drew all over me. Sons of
bitches. I have to use metho to get all this crap off!
thanks guys! Hehe.. but it was all in good fun... I didn't
watch Friday night football tonight. But that's ok cos the
eels got thrashed by the dogs and I was going for the eels
(eels = good / dogs = bad) I was gonna read this book. but
I decided not to.. I just wanted a break from studying for
a bit and relax.. so I did. Phil is here this weekend, but
I can't see him! arrrg! it's frustrating! It's cos of my
sisters engagement. Cos he said he was only free on
Saturday.. and that's when her party is and I'm the DJ
there.. yeah I know lame! My DJ music will be stupid
though.. my music collection doesn't exaclty comprise that
much of party stuff. But hey I'll give it a whirl and tell
how it all goes tommorrow. I drank all this fancy Dutch
beer today (Oranjeboom, it was called). Well It was fancy..
the bottle looked really swank... but the beer was crap.. I
think they just used dodgy hops or something. Hmm yeah
fancy but gross.. though it was quite potent I thought.. It
went to my head quite hard.. made me sleepy.. or maybe
that's cos I haven't had a beer in ages.. hahah.. I
remember when I first turned 18 I was buying beer
everywhere.. a carton for the weekend, a crowny at a cafe..
wherever, whenever give me beer.. I spose I'm over it..
heheh.. though I do like a beer... nothing like a hard
erned thirst! (winky face) My name on msn this week has
been "to enter your sleep as its smooth dark waves wash
over my head". I reckon that's the nicest little piece of
poetry. I got it from a poem that I studied at Uni. Yeah
the line just fully makes me think of what it's like to
sleep next to someone..like it's a very spiritual thing.
entering yourself into someone elses sleep as you hold
yourself so close to them.. so cool.. so beautiful.. yeah.
(sigh) I have to go wash all the ink off myself. damn
kids... aww who am I kidding! Ilove you guys! Anways until
next time! THE END.