Remember to Breathe
2003-04-04 13:30:51 (UTC)

chapter twelve

I know it seems early to be writing, but hey, I haven't
went to bed yet, and I'm still a little drunk from last
night/this morning. So Dan did me a favor and told Brett
everything I wanted him to. I guess Brett is interested
but said he was too sober to talk to me about it at the
time, which may have been true. Instead, we ended up
watching a few movies (Mallrats and Moulin Rouge for the
billionth time) and he fell asleep not far into the first
movie and snored, haha. I stayed up until both movies
were done and then came back here to my dorm to do this
and wait for breakfast to open up.
mmmm...omelets....haha. Anyway, I guess I don't know what
will happen tomorrow. I screen my movie for independent
filmmaking at three, which is exciting. Most people are
leaving for the weekend, so that really sucks. Matt and
Jake are going home, and Jared is too. He asked Brett to
go with him, but I guess some of his friends are coming
here, so he may not go. Jared asked me to go in his
place, but I'm not too sure what will happen with that as
of yet. I am kind of up in the air as far as this weekend
goes. Oh well, tonight was a good night, and this morning
is a good one too. I'm off to get some great cafeteria-
style breakfast. Until later.

"I will remember to remember to forget you forgot me. I
wanna look out the window of my color TV."
-Modest Mouse-
"A Different City"