the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
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2003-04-04 05:52:35 (UTC)

life is simple just dont live

sometimes i wonder why im even here
i dont think i serve any purpose
other than sometimes i take up space or listen to those who
i can stand to listen to
but half the time i just want to say shut up
im sure everytime i speak you all want to tell me to shut
the fuck up
oh well life goes on right
i dont know that i necessarily want life to go on
tonihgt i realized something
you all may care, i dont know, but i sure as hell dont
fuck life it has gotten me no where
im 20 years old and im pathetic
i live with mommy and daddy and i complain cause they make
me pay for my car insurance
but you know thats something thati have never had to worry
about until recently cause im a spoiled brat

school sucks cause im to stupid to pass my classes
and i have to get atleast a C or higher to remain in the
nursing program
im done
im gonna crawl into bed and never get out
most of the time i dont want to get up anyway so why get up
i dont need a car or a job or a life i think ill sleep
instead then my mom and dad can sel my car andnot have to
worry about it
theyll have more money cause i dont need to eat either
so no paying for college no paying for my car and no paying
for me to have to eat sounds perfect for them
i think i just figured out what im gonna do im just not
gonna get up anymore
i know atleast 2 of you will say "what about your boy?"
well i love him he is great but if im not going anywhere in
life maybe he needs someone better then me
im sure he doesnt want someone thats depressed all the time
and worthless

so life is solved just dont live

and thats that
bye bye now