listen to my silences
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2003-04-04 05:12:22 (UTC)

******* *

bet you want to know what that means, don't you?

he hee, not telling. muahahahahahaaa...

anyways, i'm in a bad mood. just so you know. i'm
frustrated. i'm pissed off. ahh!!!

******* *

that's fun.

am i the person in the mirror
do i see who you think i am
or is there someone else in there
that i am supposed to be
can't live up to your expectations
i can't even live up to mine
hope you can live with dissapointment
because i can only be who i see

hm hm hm hm hmmm...

******* *

i bet you are reading this, even though i didn't give you
my diary name. you got it from her. so now you're hoping
i'll write something to give you some kind of information.
just to let you know, there's a reason that no one knows
about my other diary.

******* *

k that's all i got.

final thought: ******* *

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