apfel diary
2003-04-04 05:10:45 (UTC)

i always go to the bank these..

i always go to the bank these days morning.poor me.actually
i dont really wanna go there.as u know,im a lazy gal.hehe..
in this morning,my mom and i went to supermarket again. we
shopped alot. And we had a lunch in chinese resturant.guess
what mom have talked to me? she told me that she prayed to
lord last nite. wah,so surprise and happy!!hehe.. i hope
all my family believe in god.
bad bro started going to online lately ar? nearly forget
this bad brother. no email,no phone,no msg to me.see how
bad he is! lol =p Even 4 april child's day, no gift to
me.too bad~sigh...