skankin jesse

what a world
2003-04-04 04:12:07 (UTC)

I hope you realize its gone soon.......A goldfinger song

Well today was a very relaxing day. I took the day off of
school because i didnt want to go and i stayed up too late
last night.Last night i fell asleep around 3 because i was
just lying in my bed thinking about things. I started my
day by waking up at 8 and then i took a shower but i went
back to sleep. Then i woke up and watched the movie signs
and I ate some Mac and chesse. Thne i took another nap and
when i woke up i got ready and went to pioneer. I saw my
friend kimo mario paul jon and lori and angela. Then i went
to my friend krystals practice because my cousin is there
instructor, but he wasnt there so i just hung out with her.
Then i talked to my friends andre and Ray so that was
pretty cool. I really missed all of my whittier friends
today. It seemed like a part of me was missing since i
didnt see them. Tomorrow should be a very fun day because
im going to titanette review which should be really cool.

Song of the day: "It's your life" by goldfinger
Question of the day:Why arent girls attracted to me?

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