of little importance
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2003-04-04 03:27:03 (UTC)


it's a song, not a poem, trust me. i wrote it yesterday,
before talking. maybe i'll sing it sometime.

if we disagree nothing will happen, nothing is fixed
you disapprove, so now everything between us is mixed (up)
i find the ways you go about getting what you want, you
play your tricks
show your despise, tear my life brick by brick (apart)

up, up, and away
i need to escape today
get apart, from you and me
things i don't want you to see
told you once, told you twice
stop your silent games tonight
go, go, disappear
or i will ever be your fear

in our disputes everything's screamed out, everything goes
to the floor
you know this already, cause we discussed this before
disgusted with your silence and refusal to stop turning
away, you close the door
i'm tired of us fighting, i can't do this anymore (ever)

not for you
just for me
i leave you here at the scene
(all alone)
i don't care
done with you
searching to find my own truth
(all alone)

i don't care, i don't care, i don't care, now we're all
you don't know, you don't know, you don't know, now we're
all alone

you always inspired me before and were excited about it.
you still inspire me. i'm guessing this isn't how you
wanted to.

i do still need you. i promise. and i miss you. who you
really are. i miss me too. it'll be okay babe. and we'll
be okay. i promise. promises are sacred, remember? i'm
happy for you. you need her (k) there, because i live
here. and i want you to be happy. i think she (e) makes
you happy. don't forget me/us, okay?