2003-04-04 02:32:13 (UTC)

i guess you found a way to make 10 minutes last forever

still on the down thing. went to the psych today...dont
ask me why i go, my mom wanted me to go once i got caught
with drugs...well we were talking about after high school
shit and she brought up the point that every 5 years or so
your friends change, because you change...scary...in 5
years i'll probably only be friends with about two fo teh
people i spend all my time with now. seems like a waste.
today, i got to use the car, so i went to melissa's played
video games, brandon came over, more video games i left.
very uneventful, but it's my life, boring as it may seem.
no drugs lately (sigh) not by choice, but just been real
busy...dont worry i'll find some time for drugs lol....
definately on the whole emo music trip...it's all i can
stand to listen to, kinda depressing, but i cant stop
thinking of all the sucky things in my life. sucks, i'll
think of something happy for 5 min. and then i'm back to
being boring, sad me. it sucks, but i cnat get over it
yet. i almost did something i never thought i'd do today,
but i stopped at the last minute and realised what i was
doing. nothing else too new, i'm trying to write in this
everyday so you ahve someting to do...but this means
shorter entires, cus there's not as much to write about,
sorry kids. oh yeah, girls suck, yet i still want one...