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2003-04-04 02:30:20 (UTC)

New JOb

Well, as you all should know.. I dont know about really
knowing.. I work at CLIARES BOTIQUE. Yesterday I was hoping
to hop right in and work with the register and Customers-
PAtrick informed me otherwise. when I got to work, Patrick
told me to pick up this really big 3 ring binder ( Weighed
more than my whole left side of my body [ok maybe Im
exaggerating some]) Anyhow we made our way to the food
court, and he proceeded to talk my ear off for hours ( no
exaggeration). Well, I was listening to PAtrick best as I
could- then who should walk by but Mr. Greg Jones Himself.
Of course PAtrick is discussing loss prevention, and out of
nowhere I start grinning like I won a million dollars or
something. Anyhow I had to sit there and compose myself
although I just wanted to run up and give Greg a GREAT BIG
HUG! ( Ok If you think Im too mushy or lame- BACK OFF!! you
are just lonely and jealous cuz you havent found anyone
special yet!)Patrick caught my attention again by saying "
You know Im gonna quiz you on this?" I nodded yes.. but
continued to only hear in my mind, - " Greg, greg, greg,
greg, greg, greg" And so on..
Anyhow ,Damn if Greg didnt leave and come back about 45min
later.. and Patrick was STILL talking to me!Anyhow I
couldnt do much of anything but sit there and wish I could
talk to Greg.. Oh well.. Patrick wouldnt even let me give
Greg a hug when he was leaving.. Oh well- IM tired of
writing now in this journal.. so forget the rest

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