Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2003-04-04 02:28:47 (UTC)

cheating cheating cheating

I dont know how many times ive cheated on nolan now, over
and over and over. i went to florida and hooked up with 3
guys, hooked up with Kc Ryan and Brian and wtvr it's cool.
Brian and Kc are my friends and i was so high so i barely
remember it all. it's cool cuz he's never gonna find out. i
lvoe Nolan but i'm 13 for christs sake and it's hard not to
hook up with other guys. I need to live more becuase i dont
get the chance to too often. I had testing the other day...
some weird testing to see if i need to be in special ED or
some bullshit like that. It was'nt too bad i guess, just
real borring, and the guy that gave me the test had bodey
odor like he had skipped that days shower. He also had
theese nasty looking warts on his hands, i mean like a LOT!!
he should get rid of them becuase they just looked gross.
He also had some nasty ingorwed nail that looked more like
a thick horse hoof comeing out of the end of his finger. It
was green and nasty looking i wanted to like take a knife
and just chop it off it was so gross. i couldent stop
starring at it all day(the testing was like for the whole
day i got to miss school)but wtvr.....hmmmm......I'm not
too sure what to start typing about....I love bass so much
it's awsome. It's so much fun, i hopei can someday be
really really good at it like Flea r something, gtg watch
southpark, bye....