down in my eyes
2003-04-03 23:36:40 (UTC)

pins everywhere.

Brian JUST sent me a text. Woah. Aww. my jaw almost
dropped & my tongue rolled out. I miss him.

The Fight ROCKS. Kate (the lead) is too rad for words.

I'm (finally) developing my pictures today, from Bert's
(the used) show in San Diego! Yup. Yay.

Thank you, oh sweet people, for your messages. It
makes me squirm whenever i get complimented. But,
THANK you. *bowing*

Now's my time to (lamely) advertise my other site.
Read it, if you want. Ask me, if you don't already
know where.

Wow, such great advertising skills, i hold.

& My constant motto for everything: Life sucks & u die.

I think i thought i had something else to say. But,
iguess not.

"I don't care about you.
I don't care about this, anymore."

-The Fight