Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
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2003-04-03 22:32:12 (UTC)

what a fricken day

I swear that no one understands that I hate being igonred
and i get wickedly pissed when people do. I mean I am sorry
Im not your best friend and I'm jsut there whenyou need to
talk to someone and is willing to listen to your problems
and keep all your secrets and give you advice. I let you
use everything I can give and yet you treat me like shit.
I hate it when you act like that and you know I do. I only
wish you knew your are like my best freind and how it hurts
to know you dont even think of me as anything except a fall
back freind... or I can only be walked and talked with
when no one is around. And I'm the one who gets told ever
problem in the world but when some "kewl" is around I'm
not alive. Please let me know what this is???

yeah I lost my earings today that erked me a lot. I dont
even know. The good part about today was that I got an 95
on my bio test which is the best I have ever done.
Tommorow is going to be so much fun. Counrty Club greatness
I so can't wait. I hope I have fun and don't become shy and
not talk to anyone. yeah then sat i have to work at the
fair from 12:30 until 6 pmi get to dress up liek a crash
dumbie!!! sounds like fun huh!! well go to go