The void
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2003-04-03 20:14:06 (UTC)


Pardon me. i now have a fan of my diary! ::waves at noodle
fiend:: :P
anyway, today was kinda...bland,boring and downright COLD!
why has the weather changed so much in the space of two
days! it's not good!
i was on the phone to Maz untill about 2am last night. i
rang lancashire for like, two hours!but it was worth it.
she's got such a nice accent and i could talk to her for
ages and ages.she sent me a really soppy text messgae may have been cheesey but it was kinda nice :)
i did another english mock exam.think i did ok. was
difficult though.i managed to get a copy of the test and i
wrote some notes for skye and gave them to her (she has to
do the same test tomorrow) aint i nice?hehe
steff is grilling me about the contraceptive pill. it's
fuckin annoying.don't ask me go to the shittin doctors it's
what they are there for!
she seems to think that i'm not going to need it.either
because i'm extremely ugly and won't get a shag ::mumbles,
jus like her:: or because i'm sum psycho lesbian bitch.
when i'm not...i'm Bi :P
maz is drunk ::winks:: woohoo.....