Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2003-04-03 20:06:03 (UTC)


It seems like I haven't been online for aaages! In fact,
it's been only two days. Tue I was at Megs, and didn't have
time to come online when I got back, and yesterday I was
too busy doing my art. It took me 4 hours to finish TWO
pictures. I'm a slow painter apparently. It appears so.
Tongiht, I went to Karate....urr, the wrong bloody session-
again. Not my fault, my friends. She thought they said 6-7,
I said they said 7-8 but she didn't believe me and of
course we had to go allong with what she said.
Well..on Sunday(or monday) I ordered the should be
here within two weeks. I love it... :)
Some people love other people, I love...bags.
My art has to be completely finished for tomorrow..I've
still got a tonne to finish, I have to write out the
History essay answers which will take at LEAST two hours,
and I have to find my Ireland Coursework, because my
teacher lost it. Busy night tonight.