2003-04-03 19:50:23 (UTC)

priest dream

I had a dream last night that I was in a home (dunno who 's
home) and the man of the house became very violent. (maybe
due to the fact I watched CSI last night) But anyway, the
man was in bed with a younger girl. He pulled out some
very sharp scissors from under the pillow. I knew he was
going to try to kill us all. I ran as fast as I could to
go get a neighbor. I ran across the street to another
townhouse. I ran inside but the occupants were in the
other room. I tried to explain what had happened to the
neighbor in a calm way...but the neighbor didn't get it,and
he eventually just asked me to leave. I left with such a
burden. I was dragging. (Seems to me now that the
townhouses were the ones my father lived in before he moved
to the ritzy side of town) I walked around the corner
behind the buildings to the path that led to the park.
There were several priests carrying large wooden crosses.
They looked very somber. Then I realized it was a
christian holiday. I had my own cross...but it fit in my
hand. I felt so confused and burdened...I saw a woman
priest. I grabbed her sleeve and said...PLEASE help me!
Please help me! She didn't reply.