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2003-04-03 17:42:53 (UTC)

Sad News

Melissa, Brandyn's step mom has been trying to reach me
this past week for me to watch Brandyn sometime. It's been
a crazy week and I've been at work for most of it. But she
emailed me and asked for help with Brandyn between today
and Sunday. I replied and told her that I missed her and
Adam and Brandyn and gave her my schedule and work number
to call me.

I didn't hear from her yesterday, and was wondering what
the story was. I got home and crashed last night, but woke
up again around 10pm and checked my email. One new

"~L, Adam and I are getting a divorce so I don't need
you to watch Brandyn on our 1 year anniversary."

I am floored. I'm sad, but only for Brandyn. Poor kid.
He's not even in Kindergarden yet. How confusing for him.
I wonder what's gonna happen now.