mad world
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2003-04-03 16:35:40 (UTC)

so many words spoken

i really hate the fact that ppl start shit about me. and
try to act like they know me when they dont know shit about
me. if you were really my friend you wouldnt believe
bullshit lies over my word. and if you do choose to then
please dont waste my time anymore as a "friend" i dont have
enough time to fight with pll everyday about stupid shit.
im tired of it.my life had been at a downward spril form
december and has yet to see light of anykind.im trying to
make my life better and pull myself out of this shit, so
please dont make it any harder.if were friends then were
frieds dont give me any shit if not then fuck off i dont
need all this extra bullshit in my life right now

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