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My Sacrifice
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2003-04-03 15:20:38 (UTC)

its thursday

ok i am gunna do this tonight

lifes boring its turned into one big repetative circle

sleep eat work eat sleep work etc...

spose could be worse

plus i work to hard...

i had monday off and i have already done 30 hours this week
and i still have friday and saturday at the helm

the national party are staying this weekend and as soon as
hugh delahuny found out that i was workin at the grangeburn
again he came running into the kitchen to say congrats
he has this thing for representing the people so he thinks
i am the peoplei am the contributing factor in his electrol
wins just cos he knows dad


ok this is a call out to any ladies who want to go out on a
date i am willing to take anyone on a date my shout i am
willing to do anything and i am not in it for the sex as u
will all think i just want a relationship and i know i will
never have the chance to have a good one anyother way so if
u r willing leave your name and number in my messages here

the ladies of my life that i want are never gunna give me
the chance or the chance again so i am on the prowl

hey club x are havin a porn video sale that might be the

so yeah i must suck to read cos only i know what i am goin
on about

i am so stressed

god damn whitey hes so god damn slow at doin everything at
work 40 minutes to fix a chair 1 hr to put the veges away 1
hour to make 100 carrot and bean bundles 20 minutes to make
salad 45 minutes to do about 20 dishes

so yeah about 3 hours to do about 1 hours work hate that
that means the pressures put on me oh well

song: gone away - the offspring
drug: i need ecstacy to get me goin but i am shure 15
coffees a day will do the same to me

oh well gtg need sleep so i can work again tomorrow

Catch you alll later

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