Nick's Journal
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2003-04-03 13:30:41 (UTC)

The best love stories

i'm talking movies here, cos i sure as hell dont' have the
patience to read books. without a doubt to paraphrase
mary in there's something about mary, harold and maude is
the best love story ever. tagging along in my opinion are
also punch drunk love (oh yes that's right i'm saying adam
sandler had a decent movie), and when harry met sally.
first of all punch drunk love is quite realistic in
character portrayals even though the plot is quite
unbelievable. however, i think the way adam sandler has
sever neurotical problems that inhibit any real fairy tale
romance kind of reverbrates the incapability of most males
to be in a "relationship". now when harry met sally is
great because both of them are equally neurotic in their
own way, and truthfully only two people like them can
stand two people like them.
i think the fact that they weren't together before hand is
what really makes that a great love story, because
essentially you tell your non-partner a lot more bold
things, so in that case harry had already said a lot of
the stupid shit that goes through men's minds that they
suppress to get laid. the great thign about a beginning
like that is because that front is already open there
really isn't much need to cover it when you finally get
together with the person, so in essence the relationship
is a very honest one.
now of cousre in my opinion harold and maude is the best
love story ever because it's so fucked up. it's about a
17 yr. old and an 70 yr. old woman. now of course most of
the movie is symbolic in a very liberal way, in the case
that most of the actions are completely against the norms
of society. the realtionship at the center is really the
essential symbol of what the movie is about. however, if
you just look at the relatoinship you notice that it is
mainly out of mutual respect and "love" that they are
together. i say love in an almost transcendental sense as
neither is the others "prize possession" as is a lot of
the times in more "aethestically pleasing" relationships.
really they are together for the love of each others
company. harold is really the culmination of this
transcendental romantic love in the fact that he has many
other options......many more beautiful women, yet he's
intelligent enough to realize the good thing that he has.
anyhow, if you ever rent a love story to impress the chick
you wanna bang tonight then rent my big fat greek wedding
or sleepless in seattle. cos those are bullshit, and
they'll get you laid. if you actually want something more
worthwhile, i'd go for the above mentioned.