Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-04-03 13:27:10 (UTC)

I need work and a guitar

Give me a job somebody.. I need a job that I can enjoy
going to.. yeah I know.. it's long shot. hmmm today was
supposed to be a big day for me making phone calls that
I've been meaning to make. But I didnt call nobody! I will
do it tommorrow no big deal! hahaha the Melbourne comedy
galla was on tonight. I love that thing. I watch it every
year. The only thing about it is that I have to pretend
that I don't find the cursing comedians to be funny.. cos I
watch it with my parents. So I spend I large ammount of
time snickering under my breath..heheh. I'm listening to
Ben Folds - Rockin' the Suburbs. Heaps of my friends reckon
it was dodgy song... But I love it.. it's so damn cool.
Phil loves this song. Awww This song and the Melbourne
comedy galla remind me of Phil... I used to always listen
to that song and watch that thing with him every year... I
miss Phil... He's my best mate in the world, and I haven't
seen him for like 6 weeks. It'll be so cool when I finally
do get to see him again though.. there'll be like too many
stories to tell. YAY! I can look forward to that. I
watched "All About my Mother" today.. a Spanish film... It
was ok.. but it didn't really touch me like I thought it
might... But still it was a quality film. It's just that I
didn't really get anything out of it. I can see how lot's
of people might enjoy it though.. but in respect it's
really a film that a guy just can't possibly understand as
much as a woman.. much like how a chick can't possibly
understand Fight Club as well as a man... but that's a
tottaly different issue. Hmmm... yes. I'm feeling quite
creative at the moment.. and recently as well. I wanna
start writing songs... I remeber in my last week of school
there was a day for prophesy and I was prophesied that I
would be a great writer, and particularly a great song
writer. The only thing is I don't know how to write songs,
just lyrics, cos I'm a drummer. I do write lots of the
lyrics in my band.. but none of the music by first hand...
I know heaps of musical terms and keys and things like
that.. I just can't play the instruments and i reckon that
I need to play an instrument to write a song.. so i need to
learn.. somebody give me a guitar! I really want a new drum
kit first though.. to tell you the truth. Anyways bye for
now! THE END!

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