My Little World
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2003-04-03 12:11:54 (UTC)


I am wearing allen's sweatshirt right now and it smells
like him....and it makes me think of how much i miss him!
For everyone who gets to see your boyfriend everyday...You
are sooo lucky! And then allen is moving in two weeks....
two hours away...but then he is going to be moving up to
P.I. for college....so i will get to see him every day! I
am just counting the days til that happens! I love him so
much its not even funny! I was just looking back over the
months and i have KNOWN allen for 5 months! we've been
together for almost 3 months! that time has gone by so
fast! But i've loved every minute of it and i will love it
for the rest of my life!!! Well, i gatta go! i'll write
again later!! Bye All!!!! ~D

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