My Gay Misadventures
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2003-04-03 09:21:05 (UTC)

Oh yeah...I moved...

Well, We finaly moved into the new apt...Its somewhat
bigger...cleaner...and less white trash. So its all good.
Everything is already unpacked and sorted for the most
part. lots of nik-naks to take care of though.

I found my old diary the other day too. The one where you
actually write stuff in...a lot sure has happend in the
past year...its so hard to belive how much i'v changed. Eh.
Whatever. no time to reminise.

Michael spunt the night last night...we stayed up playing
video games and 'trying' to cook sweet rice and
macorroni..heh, we made a mess, but it turned out hella
good. He slept on the sofa...and i chose to sleep on the
floor next to him...I didnt relize it, but I fell alseep
holding his hand...Mom, and everyone else saw it...like I

Speakin of Michael...um..so far we havnt reached 3rd
base...just lots of oral....Im still unsure if I should ask
him out...he's submissive in that field...Did i mention his
stats?...: 21-6'2-175lbs-long hair-dark toned-mixed breed-
...He's a fire dancer (spins fire on chains) and a raver
too, i think...Very dorky at times...hence dubed Silly Twit.

Lookin for a job manana (again) and maybe learn how to
drive a freakin car.

Other then that. nothing new has happened. but I have one
of those feelings, something is about to happen...