Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-04-03 08:17:12 (UTC)

coming round robin?

Ok so I have determined I HATE technology and i realize I
am writing this on a computer so to a point i know i am
contridicting myself. But I realized so much. if I were
born 30 years ago my band would be signed. And my ideas
would be revolutionary. but now I am just another
songwriter in just another band in an age where you can do
nothing new and revolutionary. OH Well...

I am at an age where i don't want to be tied down to or
responsible for anything. And I think that gets me in
trouble. The only thing I want to be binded to is my band.
I would and almost have lost everything for us and our

i do aspire to wed and father someday but not anything in
my near future.

and if ever offended i mean no harm in any action i am just
a human being who at times is selfish and at times is
selfless. please except my apology.

i need a job BAD!
prayer is good and appreciated.

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