Dave's Mental Meanderings
2003-04-03 07:56:57 (UTC)

Song - "Felt Around for the Light Switch"

This song can't really be read as a poem, but I figured I'd
post it anyway. It's written for a 12 bar blues structure,
so that might help you decipher the melody.

Just the other night I did some thinkin’,
After just the right amount of drinkin’,
But the thoughts came through more clear than I could
possibly imagine,
Now I know I did the right thing,
I just hope the phone don’t ring,
‘Cause this game makes sense like a corpse in a beauty

Well my baby went down to the lake
With some bad-talkin’ boy that I could break,
A real suicide case but there was nothing I could do to
stop it,
Now I ain’t the jealous type,
And I don’t buy into all the hype,
But it sure do bother me to see my loved ones turning into

I once knew a hippie
Down in Mississippi,
I know it sounds confusing but he sure was realistic,
He said “Boy without a doubt,
Better get your message straightened out,
You could die down here, become just another accident

All these television preachers
Sayin’ the Lord is my only teacher,
They get in my face, say “Young man, what is your position?”
But they can’t say what I need to hear,
Just walk away, don’t interfere,
Masses of the good, just masses of the opposition.

Now they tell me what I did was wrong,
That I won’t be smiling for long,
They tell me it’s a crime to want to live my life alone,
But the enemy I see
Wears a cloak of decency,
Calm complacency will get you nothing but a tombstone.