Mark Gittner

Gay Guy juggles his life struggles.
2003-04-03 07:06:31 (UTC)

singing a new song

well, lately I'm sure you can tell my song has been "It's
been a bad day again..."

Well, today was a semi-good day. So I guess my song for the
day was "I'm only happy when it rains".

I won a kareoke contest for the second time, getting me
into the semi-finals at a local bar. I'm thrilled about it,
and people seem to like me at the bar. It's NOT a gay bar,
which is kinda different for me, but the girls there seem
to adore having a gay guy there, and make me feel welcome.
Of course, they hit on me before they find out I'm gay,
which is flattering. And some of these girls make me wish i
was still dating girls, cause they are fine! Sigh... but
alas, i know i cannot stay faithful to a female, nor fall
in love with one. And JUST sex is not fulfulling with a

Anyway, the insurance co. finally called from my finance
co, and they will send out an appraiser to survey the
damage from my accident in JANUARY. So maybe avoiding
bankruptcy is within my grasp. Thats good news too.

I just wish I had some close friends near by to share my
good news with... in person. NOT E-mail or phone.