skankin jesse

what a world
2003-04-03 06:28:52 (UTC)

No good very bad day...Almost

Well today was a no good very bad day up untill 6th period.
Well during 1st me and my friend franco were fighting and
Gay Anderton sent me away from stagecrew so i had to sit by
myself. Then this teacher called me a dog kicker because i
tapped one of these fake babies on the head so she got all
mad. That got me mad all day. It was two of my friends who
ratted me out so it goes to show that u dont know who ur
friends are. But i cheered up during 6th because i got to
wrestle and play around and lift weights so i could get
buff. Then after school i went to newsstaff and me and my
friend joey went to uptown to get food money and we looked
in lovells, pennylane and a pawn shop. It was really fun.
Then when adrianna got there we went to eat but i had to
get in the trunk. She kept on slamming on her brakes and i
hit my head and my knees. Then My friend Ozzie threw water
at me so i got him back and threw water at him. So today
overall was a no good very bad day......almost. hahahahahha.

Song of the day: "Another love story" by Jeffries Fan Club
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