2003-04-03 06:08:16 (UTC)

yay there are cool people out there

molyor [11:02 PM]: hi adrenne
molyor [11:02 PM]: it's monica
LaDiDaGrl [11:02 PM]: Hey!
LaDiDaGrl [11:02 PM]: Hows it going?
molyor [11:03 PM]: good
molyor [11:03 PM]: i just uploaded the pics from this
LaDiDaGrl [11:03 PM]: Awesome are they good?
molyor [11:03 PM]: they aren't going to be on my website
until later though...i don't know how long it takes
molyor [11:03 PM]: yeah some are really good
molyor [11:03 PM]: i will just give you the address
molyor [11:04 PM]:
molyor [11:04 PM]: how are you
LaDiDaGrl [11:05 PM]: not bad, just trying to finish up
this semester and my last month of work
molyor [11:05 PM]: me too
LaDiDaGrl [11:05 PM]: before i move to gainesville!
molyor [11:05 PM]: yippee
LaDiDaGrl [11:06 PM]: yeah its exciting.. i might be up
there friday looking at apartments but im not sure yet.
molyor [11:06 PM]: cool
LaDiDaGrl [11:06 PM]: i put a couple pictures on my page
but they arent very good when i scanned them in
molyor [11:06 PM]: then you can see shane and rachel
LaDiDaGrl [11:06 PM]: and i think you saw them all
molyor [11:06 PM]: what's your page
LaDiDaGrl [11:06 PM]: yeah i know!! good stuf
molyor [11:07 PM]: yeah i did
LaDiDaGrl [11:07 PM]: Just my dumb AOL page Conformity
is our Tragedy
molyor [11:08 PM]: cool
LaDiDaGrl [11:08 PM]: they're on the second page at the
bottom, only two of them so far
LaDiDaGrl [11:11 PM]: Aww wow you have so many pictures
molyor [11:11 PM]: that's not even a 1/4 of them
molyor [11:11 PM]: i love photography
molyor [11:11 PM]: probably have thousands
LaDiDaGrl [11:12 PM]: aww me too i make scrapbooks
LaDiDaGrl [11:12 PM]: i have like every picture since i
was a little girl through this weekend
molyor [11:13 PM]: cool
molyor [11:14 PM]: i like your webpage
LaDiDaGrl [11:15 PM]: thanks:-)
molyor [11:16 PM]: i like the RENT quote...hehe
LaDiDaGrl [11:17 PM]: Which one?
LaDiDaGrl [11:17 PM]: Ohh with Claudia?
molyor [11:18 PM]: yes
molyor [11:18 PM]: hey mister
molyor [11:18 PM]: i saw rent like 3 times
molyor [11:18 PM]: it's my favorite
LaDiDaGrl [11:18 PM]: aww i only saw it once, but it was
soo great, it was on my birthday=)
LaDiDaGrl [11:19 PM]: man, if i had known i would have
brought the soundtrack for the trip!
molyor [11:21 PM]: i have it too
molyor [11:21 PM]: and the poster is hanging on my
bedroom wall
molyor [11:21 PM]: :-D
LaDiDaGrl [11:22 PM]: aww yay!! where did you get a
poster? when you saw it?
molyor [11:22 PM]: have you seen hedwig and the angry
molyor [11:22 PM]: yeah
LaDiDaGrl [11:22 PM]: no they played it at the Enzian (in
orlando) and a bunch of my friends went but i didnt end up
molyor [11:23 PM]: i have the's a great
movie...but the musical is so much better
molyor [11:23 PM]: i saw both
LaDiDaGrl [11:24 PM]: really, i'll check it out.. my
friend chaz lovedi t
molyor [11:24 PM]: yeah you have to
molyor [11:24 PM]: it's amazing
LaDiDaGrl [11:25 PM]: is it comedy or drama or what
molyor [11:26 PM]: a bit of both
molyor [11:27 PM]: you'll like it
LaDiDaGrl [11:27 PM]: I'm looking at the page right
molyor [11:28 PM]: cool
LaDiDaGrl [11:29 PM]: im trying to make the trailer
LaDiDaGrl [11:29 PM]: whats your screen name for?
molyor [11:30 PM]: the first two initials of each of my
molyor [11:30 PM]: monica lynn ortiz
LaDiDaGrl [11:30 PM]: Ohh! =) its not working..
LaDiDaGrl [11:31 PM]: but i'm guna take your word for it
and rent it anyway!
molyor [11:31 PM]: i need to buy it
LaDiDaGrl [11:33 PM]: i need to buy a few movies now that
they're on dvd with special features and all this, it
makes me so mad theres always another reason to spend more
molyor [11:34 PM]: lol
LaDiDaGrl [11:34 PM]: now friends 3rd season is out, and
of course i CANT help myself
molyor [11:34 PM]: the dvd for hedwig is awesome
molyor [11:34 PM]: it's probably my favorite dvd yet
LaDiDaGrl [11:34 PM]: a lot of extra stuf?
molyor [11:34 PM]: and i have seen a lot
molyor [11:34 PM]: oh yeah
molyor [11:34 PM]: how it was made and stuff
LaDiDaGrl [11:35 PM]: i liked the Memento one
LaDiDaGrl [11:35 PM]: did you see that?
molyor [11:35 PM]: i saw the movie but not the dvd extras
molyor [11:35 PM]: i liked the movie though
LaDiDaGrl [11:36 PM]: i loved that movie.. it was better
than i thought it would be. the second disk had all these
ink blot and word association type stuf that you had to get
through to get to the special features
molyor [11:37 PM]: wow
molyor [11:37 PM]: cool
LaDiDaGrl [11:37 PM]: except after awhile you were like
AGGH just show me!!
molyor [11:38 PM]: :-D
LaDiDaGrl [11:38 PM]: you know whats sad?
LaDiDaGrl [11:39 PM]: did you see the card i bought at
the jeweled castle store?
molyor [11:39 PM]: no
LaDiDaGrl [11:39 PM]: it was this pretty rainbow card and
i gave my ex girlfriend my best picture of Doria Roberts
and this card and i put it by her desk at work yesterday,
cus she didnt come in til today and she didnt even call me=
LaDiDaGrl [11:40 PM]: so im worried if maybe someone
moved it or took it because usually she is the type that
would call
molyor [11:40 PM]: aww
molyor [11:40 PM]: hopefully she got it
LaDiDaGrl [11:41 PM]: i know!! i would rather she didnt
think to call than to have someone take it
molyor [11:41 PM]: true
LaDiDaGrl [11:41 PM]: i was going to wait til saturday
when i see her at work, instead of leaving it, but she
has been fighting a lot with her slut girlfriend and so i
thought it would cheer her up
molyor [11:42 PM]: well that was nice of you
molyor [11:43 PM]: how long have you been broken up
LaDiDaGrl [11:43 PM]: quite some time now
LaDiDaGrl [11:44 PM]: wow a long time now that i think of
it. about a year
LaDiDaGrl [11:44 PM]: since may
molyor [11:44 PM]: ok
molyor [11:44 PM]: sucks ...she has a slutty girl now
LaDiDaGrl [11:44 PM]: Oh man
LaDiDaGrl [11:44 PM]: This girl was always trying to get
with her when we were together
LaDiDaGrl [11:45 PM]: This girl has the biggest ass
you'll ever see.
molyor [11:45 PM]: lol
LaDiDaGrl [11:46 PM]: shes nasty. trashy. liar. =(
big ass.
molyor [11:46 PM]: yuck
LaDiDaGrl [11:46 PM]: and a bad influence on caroline and
OOH she makes me mad
LaDiDaGrl [11:47 PM]: like when we were together she
wasnt stupid. now shes like wasting her life, shes 24
shes not finishing school anymore, shes just partying all
the time and being stupid.
molyor [11:48 PM]: that sucks
molyor [11:49 PM]: hopefully she'll snap out of it
LaDiDaGrl [11:49 PM]: sorry im like blah blah blah blah
molyor [11:49 PM]: no
molyor [11:49 PM]: i don't mind
LaDiDaGrl [11:49 PM]: its just on my mind a lot
LaDiDaGrl [11:49 PM]: especially with me moving away.
molyor [11:49 PM]: do you miss her
molyor [11:49 PM]: who broke up with who
LaDiDaGrl [11:49 PM]: yeah i do
LaDiDaGrl [11:49 PM]: i did cus im a bitch
molyor [11:50 PM]: why'd you do that
LaDiDaGrl [11:51 PM]: cus i dont know its hard to explain really,
i was a bitch.... like she was SO fucking nice to
me, she loved me so much and i was like overwhelmed, i
thought i could never give back enough
molyor [11:52 PM]: wow
molyor [11:52 PM]: why'd you feel like you couldn't give
back enough
LaDiDaGrl [11:54 PM]: because you dont understand like
she was always doing things for me
LaDiDaGrl [11:55 PM]: and there was the thing with her
molyor [11:55 PM]: what
LaDiDaGrl [11:55 PM]: i dont know, i was a bitch. it was
just too much at the time i guess. sometimes i think i
made a mistake.
LaDiDaGrl [11:56 PM]: matt is her little brother
molyor [11:57 PM]: oh
molyor [11:57 PM]: wow
LaDiDaGrl [11:57 PM]: so it was really fucked up, and
there was always a big issue with me spending time with him
and i was always feeling fucked up
molyor [11:57 PM]: messy
LaDiDaGrl [11:57 PM]: very
LaDiDaGrl [11:58 PM]: sometimes i think i was meant to
meet her first..
molyor [12:00 AM]: damn
molyor [12:00 AM]: sorry
molyor [12:00 AM]: life can be shitty sometimes
molyor [12:00 AM]: especially timing
LaDiDaGrl [12:00 AM]: seriously..
LaDiDaGrl [12:01 AM]: especially when she's this amazing
person and he's a big asshole boy.
LaDiDaGrl [12:01 AM]: but blah blah blah=) so whats your
molyor [12:01 AM]: mine?
LaDiDaGrl [12:01 AM]: yeah whats on your mind?
molyor [12:05 AM]: well...i did run into my ex this
weekend with her girl
molyor [12:05 AM]: that was fucking hard
LaDiDaGrl [12:05 AM]: aww man =( in hollywood or in
molyor [12:06 AM]: we were engaged...together for a
year...two weeks after we celebrated our anniversary...she
told me she couldn't handle a relationship
molyor [12:06 AM]: she was at calliope
molyor [12:06 AM]: we broke up in october
molyor [12:06 AM]: and she got with her ex a little after
LaDiDaGrl [12:07 AM]: thats tough, im sorry
molyor [12:07 AM]: so much for not being ready for
molyor [12:07 AM]: that's life
LaDiDaGrl [12:07 AM]: i know people could at least
fucking be honest
molyor [12:07 AM]: i wish
molyor [12:07 AM]: seems like i'm the only one
molyor [12:07 AM]: of course i have been shitty before
molyor [12:07 AM]: but i learned from my past and thought
she was the one
molyor [12:08 AM]: but what goes around comes around
molyor [12:08 AM]: i got exactly what i did to my
previous girlfriend
LaDiDaGrl [12:09 AM]: youre not the only one, its just
hard to find good people
molyor [12:09 AM]: yeah
molyor [12:09 AM]: it's harder to find genuine people
molyor [12:10 AM]: going to school to be a counselor has
helped me to know who i am
molyor [12:10 AM]: just not many others know who the fuck
they are and how to be real
molyor [12:10 AM]: with another person
LaDiDaGrl [12:10 AM]: i was going to say, i think thats
a big part of it, theres a whole lot of people out there
who dont really know who they are
molyor [12:11 AM]: yeah
molyor [12:11 AM]: i know i am not ready for another
LaDiDaGrl [12:11 AM]: but even so, the least you can do
is be honest.
molyor [12:11 AM]: my heart has a lot of healing to do
molyor [12:11 AM]: true
LaDiDaGrl [12:12 AM]: yeah and its never a good idea to
get into a relationship with the intent of getting over
molyor [12:12 AM]: nope...been there...done that
LaDiDaGrl [12:13 AM]: because then its even harder to
have something real
molyor [12:13 AM]: ex just jumps from one to
the next
molyor [12:13 AM]: and she knows it
molyor [12:13 AM]: but oh well
LaDiDaGrl [12:14 AM]: aww well hey, at least you're
better than that.
LaDiDaGrl [12:14 AM]: and YOU know it
molyor [12:14 AM]: still hurts though
LaDiDaGrl [12:15 AM]: of course it does. you'd think
that knowing they werent the right one and knowing that
theyre doing stupid things would be enough, but its not
something logical
molyor [12:15 AM]: so that's my story
LaDiDaGrl [12:16 AM]: aww well you know, i think you
seem like a really nice person, of which there are few and
far in between... like a non-littering, not making fun of
people, nice person =) and i think you'll get what you
molyor [12:16 AM]: i'm a cool person with a great
heart...that's been broken a few times
molyor [12:17 AM]: yeah eventually i will
LaDiDaGrl [12:17 AM]: yeah and youre hot besides!!
LaDiDaGrl [12:17 AM]: so yay for you=)
molyor [12:17 AM]: awww...thanks
molyor [12:17 AM]: :-D
molyor [12:18 AM]: again...flattery will get you
everywhere!!! LOL
LaDiDaGrl [12:18 AM]: LOL!
molyor [12:20 AM]: it's funny...i don't see myself as hot
molyor [12:20 AM]: i think i'm cute though
LaDiDaGrl [12:21 AM]: I dont know, cute kinda makes me
think of puppies and babies..
molyor [12:21 AM]: :-P
molyor [12:21 AM]: hehe
LaDiDaGrl [12:21 AM]: you're cute when you laugh and when
you were dancing with sebastien on the way home
LaDiDaGrl [12:22 AM]: lol you guys were cracking me up
molyor [12:22 AM]: you both were cracking me up
molyor [12:22 AM]: damn i was starving
LaDiDaGrl [12:22 AM]: LOL for REAL
molyor [12:22 AM]: i ate a whole bunch the next day to
make up for the weekend
molyor [12:22 AM]: hehehe
molyor [12:23 AM]: i ate fat ass cheeseburgers for dinner
3 times in a row
molyor [12:23 AM]: lol
LaDiDaGrl [12:23 AM]: sebastiens so funny, everytime he
comes online hes like "Can i have a dollar?"
LaDiDaGrl [12:23 AM]: LOL nice!
molyor [12:23 AM]: LOL
molyor [12:24 AM]: hey are you talkin to allison
LaDiDaGrl [12:24 AM]: Not right now
molyor [12:24 AM]: she still doesn't know what we were
laughing about
LaDiDaGrl [12:24 AM]: oh man.
LaDiDaGrl [12:24 AM]: did she ask you?
molyor [12:24 AM]: how is sebastian's eyebrow
molyor [12:24 AM]: no...
molyor [12:25 AM]: thank god
molyor [12:25 AM]: i'm too honest
LaDiDaGrl [12:25 AM]: i was afraid she would, as soon as
sebastien got out of the car
LaDiDaGrl [12:25 AM]: i dont know, i think he said to
hell with the piercing.
LaDiDaGrl [12:25 AM]: but i dont think he had a choice in
the matter
molyor [12:25 AM]: poor baby
molyor [12:25 AM]: yeah
LaDiDaGrl [12:26 AM]: i know=( and at the end of such a
bad day too.
LaDiDaGrl [12:26 AM]: on an empty stomach.
molyor [12:26 AM]: what a weekend
molyor [12:26 AM]: it was fun though
molyor [12:27 AM]: i'm glad you and sebastien were there
molyor [12:27 AM]: :-D
LaDiDaGrl [12:27 AM]: saturday was so great
molyor [12:27 AM]: yeah
LaDiDaGrl [12:28 AM]: i know, but i dont think sebastien
had much fun
LaDiDaGrl [12:28 AM]: alli was kinda mean to him the
whole time though.. i felt bad for him
molyor [12:29 AM]: why...what she do
molyor [12:29 AM]: i had fun with sebastien...
LaDiDaGrl [12:29 AM]: she just kept snapping at him,
like at breakfast, and in the hotel he asked me a question
about matt and she jumped all over him.. he was getting fed
molyor [12:30 AM]: i was probably too busy in my own head
to notice
molyor [12:30 AM]: usually i pick up on that stuff
LaDiDaGrl [12:30 AM]: i think you were in the shower with
the hotel thing
molyor [12:30 AM]: she was just pretty snappy the whole
LaDiDaGrl [12:30 AM]: not in the room.
molyor [12:31 AM]: ah
LaDiDaGrl [12:31 AM]: seriously. shes usually not like
molyor [12:31 AM]: what was up then
molyor [12:31 AM]: i don't know her
LaDiDaGrl [12:31 AM]: im telling you, sunday night i was
like man. do i want to move my happy ass all the way up
there to live with someone whos guna take her friends
last dollar when we're starving?
molyor [12:31 AM]: that was the first time we hung out
LaDiDaGrl [12:32 AM]: oh really
molyor [12:32 AM]: LOL
LaDiDaGrl [12:32 AM]: i dont know honestly
LaDiDaGrl [12:32 AM]: the story with me and alli's a
little weird too.
molyor [12:32 AM]: why's that
LaDiDaGrl [12:34 AM]: we met on a trip to france in 9th
grade... then my girlfriend and i broke up, and alli went
out with her... we didnt talk for awhile... then her best
friend, katie and i had a weird little thing, so she got
mad at me again... then our senior year she was like "want
to go to southern sometime" and i was like okay. and we
were okay.. and last summer we hung out a lot before she
moved to gainesville. then not so much until a couple
months ago. now she wants me to move in with her.
LaDiDaGrl [12:34 AM]: lol long wacky story.
molyor [12:35 AM]: ahhhhh
LaDiDaGrl [12:35 AM]: so dont ask me what was up!! we've
had a strange friendship.
molyor [12:36 AM]: got it
molyor [12:40 AM]: it's never simple
molyor [12:40 AM]: life is messy
molyor [12:40 AM]: and complicated
molyor [12:42 AM]: i'm like the only one who hasn't been
with everyone else in g-ville
LaDiDaGrl [12:42 AM]: like this boy who was my best
friend, claimed to be in love with me all through high
school, now he's sleeping with the girl that Matt was
dating when I was with caroline and im like. Ew.
molyor [12:42 AM]: i've only been with four people my
whole 24 years
molyor [12:42 AM]: and they were all long term
LaDiDaGrl [12:42 AM]: see, thats awesome
molyor [12:43 AM]: yeah that is pretty whacked
molyor [12:43 AM]: i don't know anyone else like me...i
feel pretty different
LaDiDaGrl [12:44 AM]: I've only been with 3 girls.
LaDiDaGrl [12:44 AM]: But one was a close-friend-messy-
molyor [12:45 AM]: cool...when i was 18 i'd only been
with one. she was my bestfriend too
LaDiDaGrl [12:45 AM]: Its funny because a lot of people
say, bisexuality is a transition or whatever.
molyor [12:45 AM]: nah
LaDiDaGrl [12:46 AM]: and i dont say im bisexual.
because i really dont think i'll end up with a boy, like i
dont see it happening.
molyor [12:46 AM]: me neither
LaDiDaGrl [12:46 AM]: but i've been back and forth.
molyor [12:46 AM]: but i don't limit myself either
molyor [12:46 AM]: i've never been with a guy
molyor [12:46 AM]: i've never been that attracted to
one ...but if i was ...why not
LaDiDaGrl [12:47 AM]: i just think its far too hard to
find NICE guys. i hate to sound like closeminded but SOO
many boys are so cocky and testosteroney and oh man.
LaDiDaGrl [12:47 AM]: i know girls can be bitches too.
molyor [12:48 AM]: true
LaDiDaGrl [12:48 AM]: its just very different.
molyor [12:49 AM]: my pics are up on the site
molyor [12:49 AM]: check em out
LaDiDaGrl [12:49 AM]: Awesome!
molyor [12:50 AM]: are you there
LaDiDaGrl [12:50 AM]: LOL why do I look so mad in that
LaDiDaGrl [12:50 AM]: Those are really good pictures of
molyor [12:50 AM]: i tried
molyor [12:52 AM]: you don't look mad
molyor [12:52 AM]: you were probably just
LaDiDaGrl [12:52 AM]: LOL!
molyor [12:52 AM]: i think i lost a couple
pounds ....hehe
molyor [12:52 AM]: i gained it back...thank god
LaDiDaGrl [12:53 AM]: 10 is really cute
LaDiDaGrl [12:53 AM]: its a little blurry but its still
so cute
molyor [12:53 AM]: hey listen...i'm going to bed...i have
to wake up at 6:30
molyor [12:53 AM]: yeah i like that one too
molyor [12:53 AM]: it was great talking to you
LaDiDaGrl [12:53 AM]: alright well it was nice talking to
LaDiDaGrl [12:54 AM]: sleep well!
molyor [12:54 AM]: take care and sweet dreams
molyor [12:54 AM]: :-! night
LaDiDaGrl [12:54 AM]: you too=) goodnight!
molyor [12:54 AM]: :-)
molyor [12:54 AM]: bye